Edmond Winston and his family were brought to Texas between 1850 and 1860.  They were owned in Louisiana by James Germany McDade Sr.  McDade died around 1858 and his property was inherited by his wife Nancy McDade Sr.  Before relocating to Texas Nancy remarried and become Nancy Burton.  When Nancy Burton died in 1864, she gifted her 14 slaves to her children in her Will.  Edmon and Celia and their children along with 5 others were distributed to the children of her first husband James McDade Sr. Unti then, the Winston family had been keep together.  

The documents from Nancy Burton's Estate give us vital information which we would not be able to discover elsewhere.  First, we know the names of Edmon and Celia's children and the ages of them in the 1864.  We know that they were kept together as a in tact family until 1864.  The images contained on this page are copies from the original documents.  They were close to  complete deterioration when I found them in the Fannin County courthouse in Bonham, Texas.  Several of the documents are hard to read and the Property Distribution document has missing pages.  
Edmon Winston
June 18, 1899
Bethlehem Cemetery
Edmond Winston Family
abt 1825 Virginia - June 18, 1899, Ivanhoe (Bethlehem), Fannin, Texas
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Edmon Winston and his family were freed in Texas and all were reunited except for Anderson.  We have not discovered where he was taken through distribution of the Will of Nancy Burton.  We don't know if he died or was sold.  We know he was distributed to one of the McDade children in their mother's will.

Edmon went to work as a farmer and started accumulating farm land.  By 1880 he had accumulated considerable land.  Before his death in 1899 he had purchased over 500 acres of land outside of Bonham, Texas. Edmon died on June 18, 1899 and is buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery which was originally started as a slave cemetery in Ivanhoe (Bethlehem), Texas.  No death certificate or other records was found for Edmon. His headstone is one of six that is visible in the Bethlehem Cemetery.
Celia Winston was united with Edmon while they were slaves.  Their marriage is reported to date back to 1855.  Their union produced 10 children.  After Edmon passed in 1899, Celia and her sons continued to run the farm but by the time she died on July 9, 1924, their was very little land left. 

Anderson Winston was born about 1849.  He was separated from the family in Texas around 1864.  I have not been able to trace what happened to him.

Amanda Elizabeth (Lizzie) was the second child of Edmon and Celia.  She was born abt 1854 in Louisiana.  Known as Lizzie, she had one child named Amerine Jackson. We have not been able to discover a marriage date or name of Amerine's father.  Amerine was born on the 20 Nov 1877 in Bonham, Texas, Fannin County.  During that time, Texas was a territory and birth, death, and marriage records were often not required to be filed with the county.  Lizzie later married Nathan McVay on 4 Sep 1880 in Fannin Countyl, Texas.  Willie was born in 1886 and died o n January 13, 1932.  He is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Ivanhoe (Bethlehem), Texas.  Adalaide was born in 1888 and a daughter Eula was born in 1893.  Lizzie was deceased by 1900 and no longer shows up in any census.  The children show up in the household of Mattie Curry.  No death certificate was found for Amanda Elizabeth Winston McVay.

After interviewing Eula's daughter Ollie Mildred Brannon  (? Texas) in 2012, she explained that Mattie Curry did indeed raise Eula and her siblings after the death of their mother Lizzie.  It is unknown what happened to Nathan McVay after her death.  
Marriage License

Amanda Elizabeth & Nath McVay

Eula McVay & Isaac Brannon Jr.

Eula McVay & Eb Whitesides
Texanna was born in 1849, the fourth child of Edmon and Celia.   Like the rest of her family, she was born into slavery and emancipation came soon after the family arrived in Texas.  Texanna was married to Pompey Favors in 1876 at the age of ____.. Pompey and Texanna had the same slave owners which is likely how they met. Three sons were born to the union of Texanna and Pompey. Amsee was born in 1877, Edward (Edmond) was born in 1882 and Jay in 1888. Pompey died shorty after the birth of Jay. By 1889, Texanna was married to John Whiteside of North Carolina. They also had three sons together. Ebb was born in 1890, Samuel 1892, and Thouston in 1894. John Whiteside had two children, Louis and Cordella by his first marriage as well.  

No death certificate has been found for Texanna and it is believed that she died between 1900-1910. She does not appear on the census with her family after 1900.  Texanna was probably buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery in Ivanhoe (Bethlehem), Texas. 
Winston Family Slave Documents